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Posted Sun Sep 1 2013: from
Kunstler on impending worldwide financial collapse
The world is swiftly moving to the dangerous place where nations won't be able to do business with each other because they don't trust the institutions that control wealth, which includes central banks, commercial banks, and governments. It will happen when the purveyors of international commodities, oil especially, refuse to accept the letters of credit issued by untrustworthy intermediaries. And when that dark moment arrives, nations will throw tantrums. The USA may be the loudest baby in the playpen.... When it does blow, at least the NSA will have its prepared "to-do" list, and then perhaps all the unemployed can be enlisted at $8 an hour to harass the rest of the people trying to go about their daily lives. The roar you hear in the distance this September will be the sound of banks crashing, followed by the silence of business-as-usual grinding to a halt. After that, the crackle of gunfire.
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'Doc Jim says:
It's as if he's predicting a long emergency or something.
Kunstler is a cultural poet, identifying themes of significance years before most people awaken to them. To go from the impact of international financial policy to "[a]fter that, the crackle of gunfire" in a paragraph or two is not just brilliant, but inspired. Kunstler is not often right in his dated predictions. But he is, alas, mostly always right about the direction of error that he posts about. The duct tape of imaginary finance has kept a fictional economy alive past its ability to maintain the storyline. It's time to shift, radically, profoundly, what our expectations are about the future.

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