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Collapse Scenarios:
[Species Decline]
[Climate Chaos]
[Resource Depletion]
[Biology Breach]

Hopeful Scenario:


The PreApocalypse News & Info Quiz covers the dire and hopeful news of the previous week(s) -- it's quick, funny, and free!
About the ApocaDocs
The ApocaDocs, Jim and Michael, share CEO, CFO, CIO, and out-of-pocket roles at the Project. They've been friends for 30 years.

ApocaDocs Jim (left) and Michael (right) at work.

Our prime directive is to somehow have fun with the horror. We believe that unless you can (kind of) laugh at something, you can't really understand it. Also, we know that unmitigated doom & gloom shuts people's eyes -- even from acknowledging the dropping guillotine(s). Michael and Jim try to jape at the vast horizon of bad news, in hopes that through the mechanism of funny, readers might actually read more about what's really happening, because... well, it's (weirdly, kind of) funny, in a sick, horrifying, and heartbreaking way, and we need to start making it part of our everyday water-cooler patter -- the news of the everyday world -- so that we can have the fortitude to make the changes necessary to reclaim and repair the world. Oh, and survive.

We have constructed several arenas to have that fun: 1) a news collection and commentary service (the basic browse) pertaining to the six scenarios, with punchlines; 2) an item-level quip collector, so others more funny than we can add quips; 3) the PANIQuiz, a quick, funny, and free weekly quiz about recent news; 4) educational context for each scenario, in detail, with corresponding news stories; 5) A specific DocWatch for stories that particularly break our hearts. We'll devise and present some other tools (the horrific "apoc-o-matic," the "face-o-meter" and much more) over the upcoming years.

In the end, what we are trying to do with this site is promote comprehension of the depth, breadth and scope of the apocalyptic realities, by keeping it interesting.

Really, we're fucking terrified, and want others to realize just how rapidly we're accellerating toward a cliff.

But we also try to highlight in our Recovery scenario some of the important work being done by others grappling with the horror(s), finding new solutions, and leading the way to a sustainable, just, interesting, and livable world.

We hope you find our approach worthwhile, and that you spread the word to others. Come back often -- the news may be bleak, but we can be the change we want to see. We can collectively begin to take notice, and make change.

'Doc Michael says . . .
Paying attention is not just hard work -- it's appalling!

'Doc Jim says . . .
I once thought we had more time.