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Collapse Scenarios:
[Species Decline]
[Climate Chaos]
[Resource Depletion]
[Biology Breach]

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Equal Share (33%) of Click-Through Donation List
Though it may be tiny, we hope to see a trickle of income to support the ApocaDocs.com site from the topically-driven ads presented on some of this site's pages. The Project's Directors, Michael and Jim, have identified seven recipients -- one per Collapse Scenario -- who will each receive 1/7 of 1/3 of any click-through income we might generate from the Project's Google ads:

Climate Chaos
The Alliance for Climate Protection, founded by Nobel Prize winner Al Gore.
Resource Depletion
The Oil Drum, though only attending to Peak Oil (and not Peak Copper, etc.), has raised awareness significantly on this key issue.
Greenpeace, a group that has long worked on these issues.
Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres), whose medical professionals on the ground fight Ebola, Marburg, and other plagues and viruses, and who often function as an early-warning system for plagues and viruses.
Species Decline
The JRS Biodiversity Foundation, who funds developing-world programs to identify and understand biodiversity.
Biome Breach
Natural Resources Defense Council for now.
If you find these recipients objectionable, please don't click on anything interesting you see listed within the Google Ad boxes on the site.
   Donations will be made annually on January 10 for the preceding year, or when at least $100 per recipient is available, whichever comes first.

'Doc Jim says . . .
Every little bit helps!

'Doc Michael says . . .
Maybe... if everyone works together...